The Insider’s Guide to New NFT Marketplace: Colexion

The Insider’s Guide to New NFT Marketplace: Colexion

With the evolving technology of BlockchainNFT (non-fungible token) is now trending worldwide since the launch of digital art. Want to know how? Then, keep reading. 

When Beeple sold his art NFT worth $69 million then he caused a stir among the artists globally. Henceforth, NFT Marketplace entered in the frame. 

Before involving in the NFT Marketplace, it’s imperative to comprehend the basic meaning of NFT (non-fungible token). It is a digital asset with a distinct identity. It can be a unique image, video, audio, gif, and memes etc. Such one-of-a-kind digital item can be sold but cannot be traded. To buy or sell the NFTs, you have to choose a secure NFT Marketplace

Currently, digital artists are looking for a promising platform to showcase their artwork. Hence, Colexion brings them an opportunity to reach widespread and receive several benefits simultaneously. Find interesting? Then learn how to create a Colexion account before that let us tell you our expertise. 

Why Choose Colexion?

Colexion offers exclusive and licensed NFTs. It is a decentralized platform that works on Ethereum Blockchain wherein NFT Creators or owners can place their digital assets for sale or auction. It also preserves the absolute record of each transaction which is further known as ‘Smart Contracts’. It is in-built on the protocols of ERC-721 latest standard. In this way, it ensures digital asset protection, ownership, and copyright issues. 

Here, you can also find the esteemed artists and dignified personalities smart collectibles such as autographs, premium tickets, and exclusive clips etc. Colexion users can bid for the same as well. Thus, Colexion reveals a way to reach success heights for digital artists. 

  • Buy Exclusive NFTs
  • Integrated with MetaMask
  • Complete Authentication 
  • Multiple Industries
  • Earn Royalties

How to set up a Colexion Account?

To build an account on Colexion, you should be familiar with ‘MetaMask’. In case you are not, this insider guide will help you to learn about the same. MetaMask is a well-established browser extension that helps users to interact with Ethereum Blockchain and it works as a cryptocurrency wallet. By deploying MetaMask Extension, you can get access to decentralized exchanges (DEX) easily. This cryptocurrency wallet is compatible with numerous browsers i.e., Firefox, chrome, Microsoft Edge and Brave Etc.

Here are the key steps to establish an account on Colexion.

  1. Open search box 
  2. Enter MetaMask on search bar 
  3. Open MetaMask Extension
  4. Click Add to Extension
  5. Create Ethereum Account
  6. Send Ethereum to Wallet
  7. Connect Wallet to Ethereum
  8. Visit
  9. Build Profile on Colexion
  10. Create NFT (insert details)

How to buy/sell NFTs on Colexion?

Here is the most awaited answer. Either a tech-savvy or an ordinary person can make an account on Colexion effortlessly. You just need to fill requisite information to process further.    Such information includes NFT name, amount, varieties, category, and submit the same at last. 

To sell the NFT on Colexion, first you need to create an NFTSteps to create NFT.png

Below are the mandatory steps to create an NFT. 

To buy the NFT, open Colexion official website and look for connect option on the right top corner of the same. Afterward, register yourself and then enter login credentials. Now, open the NFT item page, pick your desired NFT. Then, click on buy now that will further take you to MetaMask. Lastly, click on confirm

 Steps to buying NFT are as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Connect 
  3. Register yourself
  4. Fill Login details
  5. Open NFT items 
  6. Choose NFT
  7. Click on buy now
  8. Click on Confirm 

What Industries Colexion offers?

Art varies from person to person and demands a specific platform to reach the audience. Thus, Colexion introduced an industry-specific medium to help our users to aim in the right direction. Here are the industries, we offer at Colexion

Sports- NFT is introducing a huge new market to sports industry. Limited-edition images, autographs, videos and artwork can be sold for millions over Colexion digitally. Even, US National Basketball association started selling limited edition shots over NFT marketplace. 

Entertainment- In this segment, you can purchase special or memorable captures of popular celebrities globally. Currently, Marvel Entertainment offers smart collectibles to NFT Marketplace. It shows that Blockchain computer ecosystem solutions are authentic. By incorporating the same, Colexion brings you an exclusive platform to achieve your goals.

Art- Either a creator or a collector can acquire several benefits over Colexion. In the Art industry section, you can browse millions and billions of creative artwork. Such art pieces include quintessential images, videos, and memes, etc. Colexion is the medium through which artists can communicate to their audience openly.

Fashion- NFT Marketplace is booming in the fashion industry. Luxury fashion brands like Gucci and designer Jeff Staple have begun selling their digital products. The fashion industry found the NFT marketplace as another method of branding and increasing business possibilities. At Colexion, artists, brands, and designers can also attain such benefits.

Colexion is a newly launched NFT Marketplace, which offers the artist an opportunity to     stand out amongst thousands of artists. Also, you can buy the digital asset belongs to prominent and dignified artists internationally

NFT Market Growth Globally 

NFT (non-fungible token) shows millionfold transaction globally. It started when cryptokitties gained popularity worldwide in late 2017. Presently, Statista report on monthly sales of NFTs from May 2020 to April 2021 proves the immense growth in NFT Marketplace across the globe.  

Below is the representation of the NFT monthly transactions that include both primary and secondary markets.

Source: Statista 2021

Scope of NFT in Future

According to the tech report of Rujia Li, Qin Wang, and Shiping Chen, NFT has a great scope in the future that will bring opportunities to Gaming Sector, Virtual Events, and safeguarding digital collectibles. With the same thought, Colexion proposed a platform to grasp such opportunities now. Furthermore, NFT price prediction confirms the fortune future for NFTs Creator too.  

NFT Price Prediction 

NFT price prediction plays a vital role in NFT Marketplace and its growth. It forecast the future fortunes for digital and content creators. In the below chart reference, the estimated price of NFT will reach up to $0.6257341997 in 2028

Source: DigitalcoinC:\Users\admin\Downloads\chart.png

This whole interpretation indicates that NFT Marketplace is the only source available over the internet that helps digital artists to fulfill their desired goals. 

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a cutting-edge technology that turned crypto-art into a valuable asset. Therefore, Colexion includes a verifiable traceable ledger that keeps a record of each transaction of unique digital art that further provides a certificate of authenticity (COA) to the NFT owner. It is a reliable platform that also transfers royalties back to the original artist. Hence, Colexion is a trustworthy NFT marketplace to start selling or buying smart collectibles. 

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