How Artists are gaining exposure from NFTs

How Artists are gaining exposure from NFTs?

If you are an Artist and want to gain some exposure then you might want to gain attractions of people form NFTs. In this digital age, NFTs are now the most perfect solution for selling authentic digital assets. You can sell a video, images, music, skins almost anything as NFT and every item will be unique. NFT is build on blockchain and recently it has gain traction from the Crypto community because NFT has opened up many opportunities for creators, sellers, collectors and buyers. Collectors and Buyers can now trade authentic collectable artworks and other digital assets. Creators and Artists can show their talent and work through NFTs that will reach billions and billions of people, the system is programable and permissionless, therefore there are many types of NFTs with different permissions. So if you are an Artist or a Creator and want some exposure to your portfolio, read the following tips and tricks that will be mentioned in this article. If you are just wanting to know how you can get exposure from NFTs or how Artists get exposure from NFTs, these tips and tricks might be the answer.


  1. Engaging with NFT Community

For an Artist to be recognized by the masses, the artist should know the audience and the people should know the Artist. If you are new to NFT content creation, you will get great support from the NFT community. Since the technology is new the learning curve is fragmented, therefore the best way to learn the NFT ecosystem is to learn it from the semi-established artists in the NFT industry. You can get in touch with the NFT community from Twitter by following major NFT Artists, and Pages. Tweet questions to other NFT artists or people who are into Crypto. Moreover, there are also several Clubhouse chats hosted by Silva and ThankYouX, you can join there and gain some Wisdom. Moreover, don’t forget to help others if someone asks you something in the NFT community, since the community is so small the best way to learn and progress is to help each other out.


  1. Provide Original and Authentic Content

People always value good original and authentic content, if you add something very common and popular work in your portfolio that has been done by others. Then a very few amounts of people will be interested in your works and your NFT portfolio won’t get any exposure in the NFT market. Keep your artworks original, always add your own touch to your works that people can’t get from another NFT. develop your own unique style and apply it to your NFT artworks. Moreover, try to keep your artwork authentic, if you are showcasing a replica mention it. To catch people’s attention develop your NFT artworks with amusing concepts that generally attracts people.


  1. Connect With Your Fanbase

Many popular NFT artists have been established in the industry by connecting with fanbase on social media sites. You can make your Twitter username publicly available, so those people who are interested in your work and want to know you more can reach you. If you have a Twitter account and fans tweet you then respond to them honestly in your way, this will give the community an idea about your character and personality as an Artist. Depending on the traits you have and what people like, many will connect with you and they will get a much broader perspective about your NFT artworks. Moreover, Artists tends to tease their fanbase by giving some hints of what the next NFT artwork could be, this build up the hype for the NFT Drops. Lastly, one more important thing you have to do is to share the context and inspirations behind your NFT artworks, describe them briefly so those who want to know more about them will reach out to you. Doing these little things will really solidify your bond with the NFT community and more and more people will know you as an NFT Artist.


If connecting with the fanbase is not enough exposure to you then you can market yourself. Create a portfolio, a blog or a video to tell your ambitions, inspirations and about life. Advertise yourself and your NFT works, as usual Ads reach more people than social media could, so this will even more exposure of an Artist to NFTs.

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