Top upcoming NFT drops

Top upcoming NFT drops?

Due to the big impact NFT has in these years in a digital marketplace, everyone is noticing NFT. Tons of artists and tech enthusiastic people create and sell or auction their digital arts as NFT.  There are many upcoming events, if you are an NFT buyer or an artist, you should check out these upcoming NFT drops. For those who intent to buy NFT’s, knowing the date is valuable because on the release day there could be sales or discounts. Artists or in general people who like to check out NFT’s would also like to know the release date because after a few days of release some NFT’s might not be accessible for a look. Therefore here, we present you the top ten upcoming NFT drops dates.

  1. Moratiel Drops From the MEME to the MYTH on July 21

An NFT artwork influenced by the concept of ancient advanced civilizations, our daily life ecosystem, science fiction and the impact of digital technologies. The NFT collection will e available on from July 21. Make sure that you check the amazing artworks of Jesu Moratiel which depicts art, humanity, technology and artificiality together.

  1. Yo Dojo Drops Lost Worlds on July 22

The NFT collection will be available on The artist Yo Dojo has earned his name and views in the NFT world, millions of people have viewed and brought his NFT projects. Yo Dojo knows motion designing and he is also a digital artist, so you can expect a great deal of worthy artwork from him.

The artist has stated that the Lost Worlds NFT collection is a story of love, time and our universe. As one’s voyage travel through distant stars and catching surreal moments from every planet that amaze the mind. Make sure you check Lost worlds on July 22 at not to miss the voyage.

  1. Dave Pollot Drops Part II, New World on July 22

A collection of 8 NTF artworks by the renowned artist Dave Pollot, the drop will be available for a 24-hour silent Auction on July 22. Moreover, Landmark NFT pieces will be available to holders of the NFT pieces of Uncharted Water. Even more, two of the NFT goes by the original painting by Dave Pallot and the rest are paired in a physical print. Do check out his artworks, to tinker with your curiosity.

  1. Panos Pagonis Drops Origin-Sculptures-Part II on July 23

An artwork that features four sculptors of early bronze age artefacts done by artist Panos Pagonis will be available on July 23 to 24 on The NFT artwork will give you the reminiscence of a primordial long-gone civilization. The inspiration for the artist was the events and history of the Mediterranean civilizations. It will be very interesting to look at sculptors, our ancient world re-imagined from a contemporary perspective.

  1. Michael Benisty Drops The ICONS on July 25

The NFT collection presents six of the artist Michael Benisty celebrated and cherished works. The artworks are created by utilizing real sculptors and 3D rendering and every sculptor in the collection are unique. So if you want to check out surreal and realistic NFT sculptors Artworks, you should check The ICONS, to know more about the NFT artwork you can follow Michael Benisty Twitter.

  1.  Ruler of the Seas on July 30

An artwork depicting a metaverse of real-life people who rules the sea, it is a huge collection and will consist of 10,000 mermaids depictions with their character development, host to hunt treasures and much more information.

  1. HODL GANG NFT Launches on 2 August

The artwork HODL GANG is a huge collection of randomly generated animated gang members via Ethereum blockchain, 3,000 avatars and almost 300k options for various aspects of the character which makes every member look unique.

  1. Thenbandanaboi Drops Gaia’s Origin on 11 August

If you enjoy Sci-fi surreal reality then you would love the artwork which is done by the artist Palash. The NFT collection will be available on from 11 to 12 August. The NFT artworks consist of various depictions of a surreal and technological advanced being in an unknown environment. The 3D artwork looks more than real, inspired by Greek Mythology, Gaia is a personification of Earth, all the natural elements are well melted in the NFT artwork.




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