Which Indian celebrities are showing interest in NFT

Which Indian celebrities are showing interest in NFT

NFTs are not only an ongoing craze between Artists and Crypto users but NFTs are also gaining the attention of major Celebrities. Since NFTs could be any digital content from video to text, people can make almost any digital content and sell on popular NFT platforms. Supported by blockchain, Etherium, it’s a more secure and authentic platform for anyone to sell original digital content in NFT. Moreover, the original owner could collect royalties every time the NFT is sold to someone, the ownership of the NFT couldn’t be changed but there could be different holders.


One could sell, trade and buy NFTs, overall it’s a very convenient and secure platform and it has a promising future. The minor disadvantage of NFT is that the content will be always digital, NFT could be brought or traded only via cryptocurrency no other form of transaction is available right now. Also, people could sell other people content as NFT in disguise, however, there are ways NFT platforms are developing a method to stop such things from happening. Well, despite that the history has been made, India’s famous TV host and actor in collaboration with an artist have sold the first NFT for $5500.


Indian Actor, Vishal Malhotra Sells NFT for 2.5 ETH

Vishal Malhotra is a famous Indian TV Host and Actor, along with well-known artist Ishita Banarjee’s collaboration,  they had created an NFT artwork. The artwork was auctioned and it was sold for roughly Rs 4.3 Lakhs. The artwork showcases the twenty-five years of Vishal Malhotra journey in the Film Industry.

The artwork is a short animation that has Vishal’s own voice also he is depicted as the most famous character as he was on the screens for over years. The music, bright contrast and vibrant colours of the artwork would definitely catch anyone attention towards the NFT. The last bid for the NFT was made 45 minutes later after it was life, Vishal and the buyer have chatted online and could possibly meet later.

From the statements made by Vishal Malhotra, it is clear that he was very excited to be the first Indian actor to collaborate with an NFT artist to release an NFT. In the artwork, Vishal Malhotra journey to Bollywood is the subject, the characters in which he has played the role are prominent in the artwork. The purpose to release this NFT by Vishal Malhotra was to get connected with the people who will buy the collection. People were so hyped o buy the collection, that it started a bidding war, however, the initial bid was around 0.5 ETH.

Well, Vishal Malhotra is just one of the Indian Celebrities that we can see is taking interest in NFTs since one major celebrity has taken an interest, the other actor and actresses might follow soon after. Since he has already dropped one NFT, it is expected that he might release another NFT artwork collection very soon. Check out Vishal Malhotra Twitter to get updated on his NFT content, after the artwork was sold Vishal has Tweeted about it shortly after, which was viewed by millions of people hence NFT gaining more exposure. It would be very interesting to see what will happen when more celebrities would be involved in NFTs, the NFT marketplace would have a larger share in the world economics. Celebrities from other countries have already indulged themselves in NFTs and started selling digital content for a great price. Mainstream artists, like Linkin Park and others from all over the globe, have started converting their songs and albums into NFTs. Since NFT is more secure, transparent and authentic than Spotify, it might be the new standard in future for music producers to sell their music.

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